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I am

Robert Eddison.

Discovering and applying the awesome, and virtually limitless, power of thought of thought
has transformed my life.

My  mission is to share all this knowledge and experience with others so that they, too, can tap into the mind's riches and find fulfilment.

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Wisdom & Wordplay

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Peeing is Relieving

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Lust at First Swipe

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Above all, I’m a thinker. 


Before I learnt how to use my brain more fully, it would quickly ‘tire’, as do flaccid, underused muscles. But the more I used it, the longer I was able to focus and live effortlessly in the present moment.


By enabling me to think things through in ever-greater depth, my new-found analytical power also did wonders for my concentration. When completing my play, Commanding Voices, I recall getting a cup of coffee at 9am, only to find it half-drunk at 4am the next morning!  


I discovered that curiosity is a wonderful way to develop the power of thought. By asking endless questions, as children do, I found myself seeing things holistically and being interested in everything - in why the sky is blue or why we can’t see ourselves orbiting the sun at over a thousand miles a minute.  


I further sharpened my thinking by indulging, for the past twenty years, in my all-consuming hobby of coining original maxims. I get a huge buzz from condensing an often-complex thought into a single pithy line like: Denial is the mind’s preferred painkiller or: Failure to square up to Life can have us going around in circles


Honing the transformative power of thought has also enabled me to overcome stress, which can be so damaging to mind and body. Once the penny dropped, and I realised that we are brainwashed into responding to pressure with a stressed reaction, I began responding to it with a relaxed reaction – and have not had a single day off sick for eleven years.


Learning to relax automatically under extreme pressure takes time and involves a radical change of mindset, but persevere and you will reap rich rewards. The mind’s extraordinary power not only revolutionised my life, but also enabled me to master extreme shyness and crippling OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in my earlier life. 


My core mission now is to inspire others to tap deeper into the mind’s firepower by breaking through their glass ceilings and enriching their lives. I established the publishing brand, Eddison Wordplay, to do just this.



How come Donald Trump has retained the loyalty of so many supporters, despite the serious charges levelled against him this week - charges that could land this former President in prison for twenty years? Anyone lacking his charisma and communication skills would have lost their support months ago. But not Trump. Millions of people, in both America and the UK, are still taken in but his uncanny ability to come over as the spontaneous man in the street. Yet nothing could be further from the truth...



There is nothing like healthy competition to put a shine on your face. Imagine winning an Olympic Gold that marks you out as the man or woman who has achieved as much, if not more, in your chosen field than any other human in the world! Such heights are only scaled by those...



When I was at university in the fifties, life was vastly different from what it is today. We didn't have the luxury of smartphones, laptops, or even electricity in every home...




The Oscar Wilde Society, in conjunction with The Oldie and The Chap, selected my aphorism: 'The quickest way to make your name is to lose your reputation' from more than 300 entries, to be one of the prize winners for this year's Wilde Wit Competition...


The return of Cambridge University's Eddison Aphorism Prize! 

This year's undergraduate winner netted a cool £250 for the four words: Criticise everything, except scepticism, unanimously endorsed by a twelve-strong committee.


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Photograph © Neil Spence 2017

Robert Eddison is a thinker and world-class aphorist. 

An idiosyncratic author, his background is in journalism, academia, public speaking and playwriting. After graduating from Cambridge in Modern & Medieval Languages and Law, his career was kick-started by a European travel scholarship, a university lectureship, a lecture tour of America and a major interview with the late Margaret Thatcher for the London Times.


As a multilingual language-lover, he has coined around 40,000 original aphorisms on 150 different subjects, ranging from ambition to zoology. His widely published maxims led to the founding of the annual Eddison Aphorism Prize at Cambridge University.                       


In 2020, Robert founded Eddison Wordplay Ltd., a publishing brand dedicated to helping others break through their glass ceiling and learn how the limitless power of thought can be harnessed to resolve many of Life’s problems. 


"If we are what we eat, cannibals must be full of humanity"

"Guilt is best measured by our failure to forgive ourselves"

"Change only threatens those who mistake routine for security"

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