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Have you ever wished for a slim, dip-and-dive book to replace the usual heavy coffee table tome while waiting for your host to fix your gin and tonic? 


Well, here it comes! Wisdom & Wordplay is just the book to keep you entertained until your drink arrives. It is packed with witty, and often profound, one-line observations on an awesome variety of subjects, ranging from ambition to political correctness. 


Robert’s hugely popular aphorisms have appeared across social media and in the national press. His private ‘thought diaries’ contain every original thought he has had over the past twenty years. Wisdom & Wordplay is but a small taster from this vast body of work, and is a book of which you will never tire. 

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Feeling down in the mouth? Then brighten your day with Peeing is Relieving!


It’s bursting with pithy one-liners, like: Youth is wasted if not misspent and: The British Empire ceased when butlers stopped ironing the morning paper.


Robert Eddison’s off-the-wall treasure house of original aphorisms is peppered with rib-tickling illustrations and state-of-the-art Quick Response (QR) codes. Just scan them with your phone and up he pops to have a laugh with you!


Whether you’re on the loo or on your private jet, this is a must-read book of witty maxims by the world’s leading aphorist.

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Do you ever tire of waiting for the bus? Well, here’s the perfect answer. Lust at First Swipe is brimful of titillating maxims that may even cause you to miss your bus! 


This widely-read book comprises 150 pithy observations on a subject that has captivated poets, writers and artists for millennia. Exciting, touching, maddening - Robert takes us through lust and love’s many faces, with his tongue firmly in his cheek. 

This full-colour, illustrated collection of risqué maxims is supported by the author’s video and written commentaries, accessed via QR codes. 


From his goldmine of almost 40,000 original aphorisms, Robert will be sourcing many more books.