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New book reaches number one best-seller spot in two categories, demonstrating readers’ unceasing love of the humour and power behind the English language

-Author, journalist and public speaker, Robert Eddison, interviewed by Stanley Johnson and joined by a host of friends and family-

“We only allow facts to speak for themselves when we like what they say.”

Wisdom and Wordplay Book By Robert Eddison

More than 50 people joined Aphorist Robert Eddison on Wednesday 25th October at the Institute of Directors in London to celebrate the launch of the first in a series of books, dedicated to the witty one liner. Wisdom & Wordplay contains just a snippet (300) of Robert Eddison’s treasure trove of tens of thousands of original aphorisms, crafted by the writer over a quarter of a century.

The book reached the top spot in not one, but two, categories on Amazon, on the day of launch:

  • #1 in Books > Reference > Dictionaries & Thesauri > Quotations

  • #1 in Books > Humour > Encyclopaedias

Stanley Johnson, father of Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, interviewed Robert about the inspiration behind his aphorisms, his life as a writer and the challenges he has faced with limited sight. Other guests included His Honour, Judge Witold Pavlak, literary agent, Martin Redfern and Professors Charles Hampden-Turner and Wendy Savage.

Wisdom and Wordplay Book By Robert Eddison
“It was wonderful to celebrate the publication of my first book, Wisdom & Wordplay,” said Robert. “We’ve had a lot of fun producing this book, but this is just the start of the journey as book two is due for release in Spring 2018. I look forward to hearing what people think of my aphorisms. With over 34,000 followers on Twitter, and over 14,000 on Instagram, I get regular and immediate feedback from my army of social media followers. Having been persuaded by my friends to turn what was just a private hobby into a book, I’m now also eager to read the reviews and hopefully reach a new audience with my aphorisms”.

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