Romantic Aphorisms to impress your Loved Ones…


Barack Obama’s handwritten love letters to a previous girlfriend, five years before his first date with his wife Michelle, were revealed in the press last week. They date back to the early 1980s…long before social media kicked in! Love letters may be a dying art, but the power of a romantic one-liner, particularly in today’s ‘soundbite’ culture, cannot be underestimated!

Here’s a selection of aphorisms, courtesy of the One Line Sage, Robert Eddison, that you could share with your loved one to make them smile!

Love is rarely found by searching for it
The moon was never designed to put stars into lovers’ eyes
Only lovers know how to rub each other up the right way
All marriages are arranged
The conditionality of love demands its constant re-statement
Life is too short to drink the house wine
It’s best to have strengths if we are to be loved for our failings
Only unconditional love can be taken for granted
Lovers mostly make hay while the moon shines
Reassurance in a crisis comes from imagining how our loved ones would comfort us

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